A Simple Beginning

Completed in January 1999, the Church at Brook Hills shaped our LIVE Design Process we use today.

Our LIVE Design Sessions allow everyone to be a contributor and share exactly what you want with our team, while we design your building right in front of you. It gives you a clear path to make your dream a reality.

Often, we say that this project was where the LIVE Design Session concept first originated, setting the foundation for our improved, technology-driven process we use today. The Church at Brook Hills turned to LIVE Design Group after the church team was left frustrated by the lack of communication and lengthy back-and-forth process of other design teams.  It was a situation we hear all too often, where the architect was not listening to the client and the project was suffering.

We were ready to find a solution. We recommended an all-day brainstorming session to explore a new concept, centered on the church’s ministry and vision. Together, a large group from the church and our firm began generating ideas. Energized by open communication and fresh ideas, this collaboration set the tone for the project and allowed the congregation to have their hand in the process and in the design.

The next day, about 5 members from the church and 5 designers from our firm met to create a design concept based off of the ideas and priorities established in the brainstorming session. Until then, LIVE Design Group had never invited the client to participate in the creation of the design concept beyond the initial big picture. Before long, all of the chairs were pushed away from the table and everyone was sketching new ideas and plan options. At the time, the senior pastor was a movie buff and loved the appearance of stadium seating in newer movie theaters. To our knowledge, Brook Hills was one of the first, if not the first, church project in the US to utilize a stadium style theater seating.  The pastor called it, “The wall of people.”

The Church at Brook Hills was thrilled with their experience and design concept. Our team completed the design development, construction documents and actual construction of the project, with its first service in January of 1999. Before all of the technology and tools that we use today, collaboration, communication, and creativity have always been at the heart of how we work.

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